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About the Business

They have just signed up some high level and high volume clients with confirmed clients enrolling in the next month. These will be passed across to you as the buyer.
With current students in play, a recent re-registration this is a secure investment. To find a compliant AND funded RTO is absolutely extraordinary.
First registered in 2009 and Registered to 2026 – How good is that!

Scope includes:
• Cert II in Business
• Cert II in Workplace Skills
• Cert III in Business
• Cert III in Entrepreneurship and New Business
• Cert III in Micro Business Operations
• Cert III in Business Administration
• Cert II in Retail Services
• Cert III in Retail
• Cert IV in Retail Management
• Certificate III in Hospitality
• Certificate IV in Hospitality
• Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations
• Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

Unlimited Funding includes:
• Certificate 3 Guarantee
• User Choice

Here are the ‘nuts and bolts’ for eligibility for Incentives for Training in QLD;

A NW or NE =New Worker / New Entrant which is anyone under 12 months part time or casual but the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (herein called AASN). All staff in training must be on a part time relationship with the company. They can backdate up to 6 months so the 12 months can be potentially up to 18 months.
A NW =NW is anyone under 3 months Full-time but backdating can be potentially up to 9 months.

All staff in training must be on a part time or full time relationship with the company.

EW= Existing workers are anyone part time or full time outside these parameters who still can enrol and register in a training contract but then there is a small charge to the company on a fee for service basis due to the government not funding the RTO to deliver training to existing workers.
Costs for existing workers range from $15-$30 so everyone is included.


Here is snapshot of the workplace training benefits in QLD;
Announcement that the Wage Subsidy of up to $7,000 for Apprentice / Trainee a quarter being up to 50% of trainee wage and extended to September 30, 2021 so anyone enrolled from today to October 30,2021 can receive up to $28,000 per trainee being up to 50% of their wage for 12 months. This is ABN specific. (see below for more details)
Payroll tax exemption for all new staff on a training program with Mathisi if applicable (save 4.75% of all staff wages in Training with this state tax on wages) QLD Payroll Tax info.
Apprentice and trainee rebate for payroll tax in addition of 1.5 times the new staff member wages ie. paid $50k then allocated $75k in deductions from payroll tax calculation. See here
Federal Incentives for eligible new staff $1500 (part time), $4000 (Full Time > 37.5 hrs) (these incentives are not received if staff member holds a previous qualification in the last 7 years or a diploma or degree ever) Summary of Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships Incentives
Training Course Costs in 2020 for New Entrant Trainees = Hospitality Course = $478.40 (spread out over 8-12 months)

The employer benefits by:
• increased performance
• improved productivity
• higher profitability
• more motivated staff
• improved staff retention
• becoming an employer of choice
The accredited employees benefit by:
• nationally recognised qualification
• job satisfaction
• promotion prospects
• up-to-date skills
• Formal qualification on the job
• Taxation Benefits as a Student Trainee
They have a reputation of excellence from all stakeholders. This is shown by:
• Active funding contracts and no withdrawal or dis-approval of any funding request.
• Vendor continued support
• Simple operation designed for profit.
• The only area you need to improve is the marketing and business development.

This is an extremely rare chance to purchase an RTO with QLD funding. This funding is a very tightly held commodity with a closed panel arrangement and a market that is growing exponentially.

This is rare, dont miss out!

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