Newly minted RTO with no history to worry about. What a great way to start (1287)



This is well priced and a great low-risk option.

About the Business

• First registered in 2020
• Clean, compliant and resourced
• 100% Relocatable
• Owner will assist as needed
• No leases, No debt, no encumberances, No Liabilities

There has been a massive infrastructure, retraining and upskilling push by both state and federal Governments. Owning a RTO, especially with more than 2 years history, will allow you to be a part of Australia’s recovery.

This is priced to sell at $105k and a very, very smart investment. It is the lowest priced compliant shell on the market!

Scope of Registration includes:
• Drive heavy rigid vehicle
• Gas test atmospheres
• Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment

There is nothing better on the market at this price point and there has been no better time to be involved in the RTO world.

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