Skills shortage end not in sight. Specialist driver training school can barely keep up. (1313)


Skills shortage end not in sight. Specialist driver training school can barely keep up. (1313)

About the Business

We all know about massive skill shortages and the need to plug these gaps. This has meant this RTO is booked out for the next three (3) months but due to the vendor’s reluctance to grow the business further, this becomes an awesome opportunity.

There are five things I really like about this RTO.

1. No market pressure as there is a verifiable void in the training market
2. Highly profitable
3. State funding in place
4. Massive work in progress pipeline
5. Registration to 2025 providing ample time

Scope of Registration – check this out!
Certificate II in Driving Operations
Certificate III in Driving Operations
Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction
Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction)

Operate four wheel drive vehicle
Operate commercial vehicle
Drive light rigid vehicle
Drive medium rigid vehicle
Drive heavy rigid vehicle
Drive heavy combination vehicle
Operate coach/bus
Drive multi-combination vehicle
Apply a fatigue risk management system
Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies
Apply fatigue management strategies
Manage fatigue management policy and procedures
Licence to transport dangerous goods by road
Licence to drive a light rigid vehicle
Licence to drive a medium rigid vehicle
Licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle
Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle
Licence to drive a multi-combination vehicle

Three immediately accessible growth ideas:
1. Expand the training interstate as the registration allows for NATIONAL DELIVERY and the head office can be moved anywhere in Australia. For example, Western Australia has massive skills shortage and a scarcity of training supply and many, many opportunities.
2. Increase the number of local trainers
3. Increase classroom training in all regions in Dangerous Goods Training and Fatigue management training.

Some points of importance:
• Compliant Registration since 2007 (15 years!!!)
• The business is lean.
• Equipment with insurance value of $820k is included
• Relocatable if desired
• Vendor will ensure a smooth handover
• Excellent work in progress and ongoing bookings

The vendor is ready to slow down and move to semi-retirement after 17 years in the RTO industry and another 10 in driving.

It is rare to find such a purpose-built RTO with an excellent and diverse client base, with excellent funding in place and the ability to immediately grow.

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