TAE Specialist RTO, Long registration and endless possibilities (1300)


TAE Specialist RTO, Long registration and endless possibilities 

About the Business

Registration is approved until April 2025.

First Registered in April 2013.
Highest compliance level possible “Demonstrated Consistent Compliance”.
Absolute highest quality resources.
Excellent scope.
Relocatable as there is no head office lease and favourable conditions for training rooms in Cardiff.
Add to scope, grow the business and realise the potential.
The RTO has delivered to TAE10 and TAE16.
You will be in the box seat for the new TAE qualification when it is released.
TAE RTO are very rare and always in high demand.
I have never seen a TAE RTO fail as it is and always be THE course of the industry.

Scope of Registration
TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Remember that every trainer needs the TAE and having the qualification on scope is incredibly valuable. As we get closer to a new TAE qualification the value in this RTO will naturally and organically increase.

Holding the TAE puts this RTO in rarefied air as there are less than 100 providers of this course and only 71 if TAFE is disregarded. This means very little competition and massive opportunities.

It takes over 24 months to receive the approval to deliver TAE40116.

Their ASQA application history is flawless and there are multiple channels for further growth that the vendor will share. For example, taking the qualification online, increasing scope and increasing geographical footprint.

This is certainly an amazing opportunity to acquire a quality RTO with high demand courses on scope .

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