This is the best value ELICOS in the country! (1336)


This is the best value ELICOS in the country! 


This ELICOS is BELOW set-up cost. There are no students with great compliance and now at a Great price.

About the Business

We recently sold another ELICOS provider for $270k with a more expensive and laden lease, less capacity and the same scope. We had 7 interested parties and the sale occurred in 21 days. I share this with you so we can all understand EXACTLY where this ELICOS opportunity is placed – right at the top.

Owners want to sell and with no students to worry about. Whilst it is in Brisbane, you could pick this up and move it anywhere.

Do you think Perth is strong? Move it there!

Do you like the regional aspect of Adelaide? Move it there.

Do you want an ELICOS add-on to your CRICOS in Melbourne? Go for it.

In saying this, the Brisbane ELICOS market is stronger than most and less agent commissions.
With borders opening, the opportunity is NOW.

Why are some RTO operators always performing well? In my experience it is because they are ahead of the market and not trying to play catch up. Simply put, the price you will pay now is far less than what you will pay in 6-months and that means the best opportunity is now.

• Registered to 2027
• Relocatable
• No students
• Clean, compliant and quality Audit and registration history
• All resources included in the sale
o Curricula and syllabi for all 3 courses – all levels included.
o A full suite of college policies and procedure
o A wide range of required forms and templates
o Example assessment items for each course, with example assessment guides and benchmarking
o Full range of ICQA IELTS Examination Preparation Course (IELTS Pre Intermediate to Advanced) tests
o Trackers or logs for academic progress, attendance counselling, complaints and appeals, student requests and continuous improvement
o Orientation slideshow and forms
• No liabilities, No debt and No encumbrances

Course Offerings
• Business English (Intermediate to advanced)
• Examination preparation course IELTS (Pre-intermediate to advanced)
• General English course (beginner to advanced)
• General English intensive (beginner to advanced)

You will literally Kick yourself if you miss this opportunity!

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