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Meet Travis Latter

RTO Investment Strategist of Infinity Business Brokers: A Testament to Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity

# RTO Investment Strategist of Infinity Business Brokers: A Testament to Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity
Travis, who stands as the RTO Investment Strategist at Infinity Business Brokers, has established an impressive career path filled with numerous roles. In every role, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Registered Training Organisations (RTO) industry. This journey of his commenced with the launch of his own RTO, forming the foundation for his in-depth knowledge of the field.

## Launching His Own RTO: The Genesis of Expertise
Travis embarked on a journey in the RTO industry by launching his own organisation. This was the genesis of a profound understanding of the field that shaped his future career. Establishing an RTO from scratch requires a deep understanding of the industry, along with a clear vision, robust strategies, and decisive leadership. This experience was the first step in honing his expertise in the industry.

## CEO Roles: Sharpening Skills and Refining Knowledge
As Travis transitioned into the role of CEO with National and International Training Organisations, he got the chance to further sharpen his skills. This role was not just a stepping stone but a giant leap in his career trajectory. These opportunities presented him with:

– A broader perspective of the field
– The responsibility of leading and managing larger teams
– A chance to implement strategies and monitor their outcomes
– The experience of handling international collaborations and partnerships

These experiences further enhanced his understanding of the field, equipping him with dynamic and versatile skills.

## Acquisitions Manager: Adding Another Feather to His Cap
Travis’s career trajectory took another significant turn when he assumed the role of Acquisitions Manager for an ASX listed company. This role allowed him to delve deeper into the industry dynamics. As an Acquisitions Manager, Travis:

– Experienced first-hand the challenges and complexities of the industry
– Developed strategies for successful business acquisitions
– Managed and mitigated risks associated with acquisitions
– Successfully navigated the financial and legal aspects of acquisitions

This role added another feather to his cap, diversifying his skill set and expanding his professional repertoire.

## Consulting Work: Facilitating Successful Brokering
Travis’s knowledge and experience were not just confined to the roles he held. His expertise extended to providing consultation services to over 350 RTOs & Training Organisations. These consulting services facilitated the successful brokering of over $125M in RTO Sales, a testament to his remarkable capabilities. His consulting work revolved around:

– Providing expert advice and guidance to RTOs
– Implementing effective strategies for successful brokering
– Navigating through diverse market conditions
– Ensuring sustainable growth and profitability for the organisations

His remarkable consulting work stands as a testament to his profound knowledge and expertise.

## A Dedicated Professional: Committed to Delivering Results
Travis’s dedication to his work is unparalleled. He works closely with all industry stakeholders to ensure successful transactions within the best possible timeframes. His commitment to delivering results reflects his incredible work ethics. This dedication shines through his:

– Regular interactions with stakeholders
– Attention to detail in every transaction
– Constant efforts to reduce the timeframe of transactions
– Unyielding commitment to achieving the best possible results

His commitment and dedication are both commendable and effective, making him a valued asset in the industry.

## A Leader Rooted in Integrity, Commitment, and Energy
Understanding the needs of both vendors and purchasers is a key attribute that sets Travis apart. His sharp business acumen, coupled with his wealth of business experience, equips him to deliver a service marked by integrity, commitment, and energy. This understanding is reflected in:

– His ability to build strong relationships with vendors and purchasers
– Effective communication to understand and cater to unique needs
– Strategic planning and execution to ensure successful deals
– High energy levels that drive him to go the extra mile

His integrity, commitment, and energy put him at the forefront of the industry.

## Travis: A Family Man
On the personal front, Travis takes pride in his family. He is a devoted father to six children and a loving grandfather to his granddaughters, Marley and Mila. His family is his source of joy and he looks forward to many more additions. This aspect of his life showcases:

– His commitment to his family
– His love and care for his children and grandchildren
– The joy he derives from his family
– His anticipation for future additions to the family

## Leisure Time: Enjoying the Simpler Things in Life
In his leisure time, Travis finds solace in his caravan, showcasing his love for the outdoors. Being a fan of Rugby Union, he enjoys spending time at the beach. A cold beer serves as the perfect end to his day, reflecting his appreciation for the simpler things in life.

## Travis: An Embodiment of Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity
Travis’s journey, from starting his own RTO to his current role as RTO Investment Strategist of Infinity Business Brokers, is an embodiment of knowledge, experience, and integrity. His dedication to his work, coupled with his commitment to delivering results, has earned him a reputation that is nothing short of commendable. Whether it’s in his professional endeavors or his personal life, Travis epitomises these qualities, making him a true leader in his field.


Meet Wendy: The Professional and Reliable Acquisitions Coordinator

# Meet Wendy: The Dynamic and Trustworthy Acquisitions Coordinator Wendy, our valued Acquisitions Coordinator, plays a pivotal role in the orchestration of our team. Her job is akin to the glue that holds our business operations together, ensuring that all parts function in a seamless and synchronised manner. Her critical role in steering the company’s logistics and crafting effective administrative procedures ensures our service delivery is not just streamlined for all our clientele, but also exudes professionalism and reliability.

## Wendy’s Role: A Beacon of Efficiency
At the core of our operations, Wendy plays a crucial role. Clients can confidently rely on her precision and efficiency to cater to their needs. Her expertise in business management and administration is grounded in her successful venture of owning an online business. This experience has sharpened her skills in meticulous attention to detail, contract management, and her exceptional communication and negotiation skills.

With Wendy at the helm, her keen eye for detail and the ability to anticipate and manage challenges makes her indispensable to our team. Her vast knowledge and experience also extend to the administrative procedures involved in the sale of an RTO or Training Organisation. As such, she is an invaluable asset to both Vendors and Purchasers. Wendy’s expertise smooths the path to a completed sale, making it easy to navigate and free of unnecessary obstacles.

## Exceptional Organisational Skills and Reliability
Wendy’s operational skills are unmatched, and her reliability is second to none. Her mature and positive approach to problem-solving boosts her ability to deliver results. With Wendy on your side, you can be assured that she won’t just meet expectations, she will surpass them with an unwavering commitment to delivering the best results.

## Wendy’s Role Explained
Wendy’s main role may be coordinating acquisitions, but her responsibilities extend beyond that. Here are some of the critical aspects of her role:

– **Proactive System Maintenance:** Wendy ensures that all systems are timely checked and updated to prevent any potential glitches or downtimes. Her foresight ensures that our operations continue to run smoothly without disruptions.

**Consultation and Advice:** Wendy’s extensive experience, coupled with her profound business acumen, qualify her as a reliable source of advice for our clients. She provides valuable insights that help clients make sound decisions.

**Continuous Improvement:** Wendy is perpetually sharpening our administrative processes, ensuring that our systems and procedures remain current and efficient.

**Client Relationship Management:** Wendy’s fantastic interpersonal skills empower her to foster strong relationships with our clients. She ensures that clients’ needs are always met, and their concerns are addressed promptly.

**Contract Development and Management:**  Wendy’s meticulous attention to detail extends to contract development and management. She assures that all contracts are thoroughly drafted and managed to avoid potential pitfalls.

## The Cornerstone of Our Success
In summary, Wendy’s role as Acquisitions Coordinator is integral to our operations. Her professionalism, reliability, and deep understanding of systems and processes ensure a smooth and seamless experience for our clients. Wendy is undeniably a cornerstone of our success, and her contributions are greatly appreciated by both the team and the clients we serve. Her dedicated service is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best for our clients.


Jonna Faye Reyes

#Meet Jonna: Jonna, our valued Admin and Marketing Assistant, plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of various operational processes related to property listings, marketing activities, and client communications. Her role is an integral part of the team, contributing to the efficiency of operations and the success of administrative procedures and marketing initiatives.  As a trusted professional, Jonna upholds the company’s core values and standards through her reliable and exemplary service.


With a robust background in real estate, business management, marketing, and administration, Jonna’s career as a Marketing Professional has honed her expertise in meticulous attention to detail, adept social media management, and outstanding communication skills.


Jonna’s exceptional ability to foresee and navigate challenges makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Her extensive knowledge and experience encompass all facets of administrative and marketing functions, particularly in the sale of RTOs and Training Organisations. Jonna’s dedication and proficiency ensure that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, contributing significantly to our overall success.


  • We are highly experienced specialists in RTO sales, acquisitions and mergers and are Australia’s leading RTO sales authority.
  • Infinity has successfully brokered over $130M in RTO Sales.
  • Confidentiality is ensured through our rigorous buyer screening process and non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
  • We are proud of our name and reputation and will only ever act ethically.
  • We spend time to understand a client’s objectives, resources, and limitations in securing a sale and before recommending one. If a transaction is not in your best interest, we will let you know.
  • Our team is experienced in owning their own RTO and this means we understand the process from all angles.
  • You will receive constant and honest communication.
  • We are committed to getting you the best price possible in the time frame that suits you.
  • We care about people and offer expert guidance throughout the entire sales process.
  • We do what we say when we say we are going to do it.


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