Our Sales Process

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2022 AIBB Specialist Business Broker of the Year (QLD)

Our sales process is based on a simple strategy, getting the best price and best terms in the best timeframe for you.

Our Sales Process

Broken down, below is an overview of the steps involved in selling your business.


Financial and business analysis

The first step toward selling your business is taking a good look at the numbers including student numbers, course enrolments and of course the financials.



At every stage of your business journey you should know the value of your asset. When it comes to the all important valuation we understand the metrics of RTOs and utilise a cutting-edge, 19-point criteria, designed by the team at Infinity, specifically for RTOs and Training Business’s. Even if you are not looking to sell in the next 6 months, an accurate valuation will help you strategically plan the next phase/s of your business. Organisations that are sale ready ALL THE TIME are the ones that achieve the best price in the smartest timeframe. To receive a FREE valuation of your RTO and suggestions for increasing the sale price of your RTO contact us.


Information Gathering

We know what information Purchasers are looking for, and by having an intimate understanding of your business, we save you time and disruption. The more information we have, the better we understand the business.


Promoting your listing

“You can’t sell a secret” – Whilst this is true, we also respect the confidentiality of your business. Your business will always be protected. All marketing pieces will be approved by you prior to sending to potential Purchasers. All Purchasers will have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) PRIOR to receiving information – this is our promise to you. We have the largest list of RTO specific buyers in Australia and we will first market to these interested parties. We constantly engage with Purchasers to ensure we understand their needs. This means we can positively impact on the timeframe of sale.


Fielding Enquiries

Initial Enquiry – This is one area that sets Infinity Business Brokers apart.We pride ourselves on meeting all potential Purchasers. Ninety five percent of the time, this is in person, in whatever city they live in. This means we can appraise ALL Purchasers and make sure they understand the process, the business and confirm they are truly ready to make a purchase. This will save you time and make sure the good name of your RTO is maintained. We guide both yourself and the Purchaser through the entire process of sale to ensure we constantly and positively promote the strengths and opportunities of your business whilst protecting the integrity of your operations. We never allow Purchasers to contact Vendors directly during the “Fielding Enquiries” stage and go above and beyond to field and manage all enquiries.


Meeting the PURCHASER

A component of our job is to not waste your time. We do this by making sure that when you finally meet with the Purchaser (After we have made sure they are a suitable for your RTO or Training Business), they are informed and ready to verify all we have told them. Another point of difference is the Infinity team involvement in this phase of the process. We add tremendous value when present at these meetings due to our extensive experience, industry knowledge and understanding of the Purchaser. This is a crucial part of the process and is the time where most sales will “fall over”. If we can help prevent this, we are closer to the sale completion.



Because by the time we get to negotiating the sale of your business we have worked closely with you, guiding you through the sales process, we are aware of the critical components in the settlement for you.

  • Is there a timing issue?
  • Is there a certain dollar amount required?
  • Are there taxation considerations?
  • Are there other directors involved?
  • What is the Purchaser motivation?
  • How manoeuvrable are the terms?

All of these are critical to achieving the best price on the best terms and doing so ethically, fairly and expeditiously. At times, we need to “think like a Purchaser”. By doing this we can prevent objections as opposed to handling objections. If we can understand the buyer mentality, we are closer to completing the sale because we can focus on their needs and promote your business accordingly. We negotiate sales everyday.


Managing the closing process

It’s not over until it’s over and Infinity Business Brokers secure more RTO sales than any other broker. At the end of the day, a buyer buys risk. Our job is to mitigate this risk with increased value in the business. This value is different to price. Value is all the little things in the business that make it unique or desirable. As our team have owned, operated and managed RTOs we can extract all these little extras out of the business to maximise and market these “One percenters” to a buyer. If we can minimise or mitigate the risk for the buyer by increasing the value, we are closer to sale completion. We are big enough for multi-million dollar transactions but remain personal enough to truly care. Ready to sell your RTO or Training Business?