Brokering over $50M in RTO Sales the Team at Infinity Understand the Market and get Results

Brokering over $50M in RTO sales the team at Infinity understand the market and get results.

Infinity Business Brokers work with Purchasers, providing access to the largest list of RTOs and Training Businesses for sale in Australia. With fifteen years experience in the RTO industry and over seventy completed transactions in the last three years, Infinity Business Brokers understand what it takes to make the process of buying an RTO as simple as possible.
Buying a Training business through Infinity means you will be treated with respect, transparency and professionalism at all times. 



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  • We take the time to understand you the Purchaser, your needs and everything that can impact on your successful purchase.
  • Our sophisticated matching service means you will be notified when RTOs or training businesses are listed that MATCH your needs.
  • Our valuation methodology is based on a erudite and cutting-edge 19-point criteria methodology meaning pricing is fair and can be benchmarked against recent and current businesses for sale. We can validate the price and justify the value empirically.
  • For those that are buying for the first time, we help guide you through the process to ensure it is seamless and we are ALWAYS ready and welcome to answer your questions.
  • Our theory is you are a Purchaser today but you will be a Vendor in the future and we would like to think the service you receive will mean you will return to Infinity Business Brokers to sell your RTO.


We EXCLUSIVELY sell RTOs and Training Businesses, concentrating all our efforts on the one market sector. From $80k to multi-million dollar training organisations, we WILL have a RTO or Training Business to meet your needs. View Listings