Why RTOs do not sell!

Why RTOs do not sell!

Without a doubt the number one reason we have found that RTO businesses take time to sell is if we do not get the information and data from you.

There are three negative consequences (or responses or repercussions) of NOT having the data.
  1. It causes a buyer to lower their level of trust in the business
  2. A buyer starts looking at other RTOs
  3. Momentum is lost and this causes a stalling affect. (Think of taking water off the boil and then having to re-heat it.)

To assist in making sure this does not happen, we have a dedicated manager of Sale Readiness. Wendy will be in regular contact with you to make sure the data we have is current and available so we can promote your RTO in the optimum manner.

The three reasons this is crucial are:
  1. The more information we have, the less we need to disrupt you and the business through the process
  2. The RTOs that sell the fastest and at the best price have the best data submissions to us
  3. The more data and information we have, the more we can sell the reasons why someone should buy it.

It is critical we receive the information for the above reasons and ultimately it comes down to one thing.

The business will sell in a better time frame and at a better price if we have the data.