How the market for buying RTO businesses has changed in Australia in the last 6-months.

How the market for buying RTO businesses has changed in Australia in the last 6-months.

The market for buying businesses in Australia is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.


Based on our intimate RTO industry experience there are a few leanings I want to share with you. Whilst the trends themselves are not all rosy, there are certainly ways to maximise the opportunity as a RTO vendor.


This will not apply to every single RTO however I have also tried not to over generalise. I am always happy to discuss specifics and encourage you to book a meeting to discuss the market as of Spring 2023.


  • The number of RTO businesses up for sale has increased.
  • The average asking price for RTO businesses has maintained their value.
  • Regulatory pressures have increased.
  • Buyers are more focused on finding RTO businesses that are recession resistant.
  • Buyers are more likely to finance their business purchases with debt.
  • The “cost” of money has increased as bank rates increase.
  • Seller expectation is somewhat mis-aligned.
  • CRICOS sales are at an all-time low.
  • A good RTO is STILL a good RTO.
  • RTOs that are sale-ready achieve premium prices.
  • RTO sales are taking longer
  • The RTO market is forever changing and there should not be a reliance on market history.
  • Buyers are becoming less tolerant to risk.
  • For a purchaser, price is what you pay, value is what you want.
  • The balance of power is shifting
  • Buyers are wanting to negotiate and in the absence of correct market intelligence they will win. (This is certainly avoidable)


As I said, on the surface it sounds less than ideal for a vendor however it certainly is not all doom and gloom. Here is why:


  • RTOs that are prepared have suffered no difference in pricing or in timing.
  • Selling your business when you NEED to sell it is less desirable than when you WANT to sell it.
  • Not all RTOs have suffered decline and stress.
  • Get professional advice from an industry specialist business broker.
  • Ask questions on price, terms, timing and what buyers are looking for.
  • DO NOT try and do it yourself
  • Be sale ready
  • Be patient.
  • Infinity Business Brokers are the RTO SPECIALISTS.


We do not just sell the RTO, we work closely with vendors to create a sale-ready RTO. By doing so, we consistently achieve the three goals.


  1. Highest Price
  2. Least amount of time
  3. Best terms


Selling a RTO is no fluke. With over 130 RTO sales in the bag, we can confidently report RTO that are sale-ready achieve the desired result in the desired time-frame.


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